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Course Description

Materials and Ecology




doc. dr. Boštjan Jančar
doc. dr. Srečo Davor Škapin


Students shall become acquainted with various types of traditional and modern materials from the standpoint of their physical and chemical properties, their production, use, and their role in ecology. On this basis, they shall be prepared for research and applied work in this area.


1. Overview of materials from the viewpoint of structure and microstructure which reflect in the physical properties of materials

2. Environmental impact of materials:
- ecologically questionable materials and their alternatives
- ecologically questionable production of materials and its alternatives
- technological processes involving the minimum consumption of energy
- recycling of waste materials and by-products

3. Use of materials in ecology with emphasis on understanding the relations between structure-physical properties-use in:
- pollution control
- pollution reduction
- protection against pollution
- generation of ecologically sound sources of energy.

Course literature:

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Significant publications and references:

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Oral examination at which candidates shall demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the basic contents of the course and present their incorporation into their research project before an Examination Board consisting of the Course Leader and the postgraduate student’s supervisor. All the course and project assistants shall be invited to this presentation.

Students obligations:

Presentation and successful oral defence before the Examination Board.