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Jožef Stefan
Postgraduate School

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SI-1000 Ljubljana

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Course Description

Project 1: Individual Research/Project Work


Information and Communication Technologies, second-level study programme
Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, second-level study programme
Ecotechnologies, second-level study programme




Candidates are trained to master up-to-date specific research methods and techniques in the field of their master’s or doctoral studies.


Research work from the field of the candidate’s study programme is conducted under the leadership of a supervisor or group of supervisors. It is intended for preparation of a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.

Course literature:

Because of the fast development of the study areas the fundamental learning resources are defined individually by the supervisor.

Significant publications and references:


Seminar I and two reports.

Students obligations:

For the successful completion of the course the student must present Seminar I and submit the IRW exam application, signed by the mentor and the student, as well as two IRW reports. The form for the report is available at Materials. In the report you describe your research problems, important results and possible publications in the reporting period as well as the direction for future work.
The report is examined and approved by the supervisor.
Each report is submitted to IPS Secretariat in written and electronic form to by February 28 and June 30.