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ENROLMENT 2016/2017

You can enrol to the DOCTORAL STUDY PROGRAMMES through the following e-forms:

Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies
Information and Communiation Technologies
Sensor Technologies

Candidates for enrolment into postgraduate study programmes can apply in two enrolment periods:

1st Enrolment Deadline: The 1st enrolment period is from 31 May to 15 September 2016.
2nd Enrolment Deadline: The 2nd enrolment period is from 16 September to 30 September 2016.
If some open positions remain after the second enrolment deadline, the school will set an additional enrolment deadline.

After submiting the electronic application candidates for the first enrolment should send by September 30 the following:

1. Printed and signed enrolment application from eVŠ
2. CV
3. Diploma or Degree Certificate - (certified) copy of the diploma certificate of the highest acquired education (if the diploma certificate has not been issued yet, the candidates submit a copy of a temporary certificate of graduation – when the official diploma certificate is issued, candidates should also submit a copy)
4. Motivation letter for studies, including the selected study programme and the description of research field (1 Page)
5. Transcript of records - (certified) copy of the entire diploma supplement or a transcript of records with the average grade (from previous studies)
6. Letter(s) of recommendation (optional)
7. Description and Certificates of Work experience (optional)
8. Photo for documents

Candidates must suggest a supervisor and in case of enrolment into the 1st year also select a list of courses in agreement with the suggested supervisor.

The entire call for enrolment is available here.

Info Day

Info Day will be held on Wednesday, 1 June 2016, at 12:30 p.m. in the IPS lecture room (N205), Jamova 39, Ljubljana.

Enrolment Requirements

Candidates who have graduated in:
•  the second-level study programme
•  direct master's degree study programme, if evaluated with 300 credit points
•  earlier (before Bologna declaration) study programme for the university degree are eligible for enrolment in the doctoral study programme.
Graduates from earlier study programmes for acquiring specialisation who have concluded professional higher education programme have to fulfil study obligations worth 30 credit points of individual research work to enrol in the third-level study programmes. 
Graduates from earlier study programmes for acquiring the master degree or specialisation who have concluded the study programme for university degree shall be given recognition for 60 credit points worth of study obligations in the third-level doctoral study programme. Upon enrolling such candidates shall be individually given compulsory supplementary exams worth 24 credit points to acquire comprehensive entry knowledge required. These exams shall be defined from the doctoral study programme set of courses. The sum of all credits, earned from the compulsory supplementary exams, individual research work, seminars for the academic year 2 and 3 and eventual optional courses of candidate's choice is worth 120 credit points, meaning that the candidate earns, together with 60 credit points earned from the recognised obligations, 180 credit points.

Anticipated number of available places for each year of studies:

  • Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: 25
  • Information and Communication Technologies: 15
  • Ecotechnology: 15
In  the  case  of  limited  admission  at  the  third-level  programme  the  Study Commission shall prepare the list of accepted candidates on the basis of the following criteria:
•  achievement in the second-level study (average study grade 10%, master thesis evaluation 10%)
•  achievement in the optional exam (80%), which is taking place as a written or an oral exam in presence of a study programme commission, appointed by the Head of the programme. During the exam the candidate shall also present his concluded scientific and professional work, relevant for the chosen study programme. The commission shall evaluate the candidate’s achievement in the optional exam and submit the grade of the optional exam together with the study achievement evaluation to the Study Commission, which classifies the candidates for enrolling in individual academic year of particular study programme.
The main criteria for the evaluation of candidate's scientific work in optional course are following publications:
•  original scientific articles with a review in impact factor journals (JCR) or in journals, indexed in data collection SCI, SSCI or A&HCI
•  scientific monograph or an independent scientific essay in a monograph,
•  documented published papers at congresses, symposia and scientific seminars.
The Commission shall during the optional exam separately consider the patents.
The main criteria for the evaluation of the candidate's professional work in optional course are:
•  popular scientific book
•  editor or co-editor of a scientific publication, book
•  scientific paper
•  published presentations, reports or expertises
•  popular scientific papers
•  other documented professional activities on the commission’s judgement.

The list of accepted candidates shall be approved by the IPS Senate by October 15 of the current year.