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Second announcement:

Intensive Course Nanomaterials V

Second announcement

Intensive Course Nanomaterials V
March 12 – 15, 2007

Weinlaubengasthof Rathausstüberl, Neusiedl/See close to Vienna, Austria

The number of participants is limited to ten!
Register now, get the early bird discount!

Do you really want to waste time and money for months of tedious literature studies? Join our course; within three days, you will learn the most important facts about nanomaterials.

The lectures are oriented to fundamental phenomena and industrial applications of nanomaterials. They are directed to companies, institutes and persons, engineers, materials specialists, and businessmen, entering the field of nanomaterials. However, also experienced persons are profiting, as they may broaden their field of knowledge.
Because of the small number of participants, there is an excellent possibility to discuss your special problems in depth.

Knowledge promotes innovations,
improves your products,
your chances in future.

Please find more details and the registration form at

P.S.: For universities and companies, sending more than three delegates, we offer interesting discounts.

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