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Cosylab d.d is looking for a candidate enrolled in a doctoral study programme to employ her/him for 2,5 years with the possibility of permanent employment.

Cosylab d.d. applied to the “KROP” public tender, but one of the potential candidates did not meet the criteria for the position of a young researcher (detailed description under A1). The candidate should have one of the priority profiles from the field of technical sciences: physics, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics etc.

A1: Employment or training of a young researcher enrolled into postgraduate studies

The co-financing may include employment of a young researcher for full time or work of an already employed researcher [1] enrolled into postgraduate studies for full time. The candidate must meet the following criteria for young researchers:
•    At the time of enrolment, the candidate must not be over 35 years old. If the candidate is enrolling into the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of postgraduate studies, the age limit is accordingly raised to over 35, namely one year is added based on each year the candidate was enrolled into in the previous year. The age limit can also be raised in the event of a longer sick leave, parental leave in the time of postgraduate studies or other reasons if the prolongation of studies is approved by the higher education institution.
•    The candidate has never before had the status of a young researcher through the Slovenian Research Agency or the Slovenian Technology Agency, and did not receive public funds for the co-financing of doctoral studies. Within this public tender, the status of a young researcher serves as a confirmation of enrolment into the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of postgraduate studies in the Bologna 3rd cycle study programme.

A young researcher must perform basic research in the framework of the operation.

The documents of meeting the criteria: enrolment certificate stating the student is enrolled into a postgraduate study programme and a confirmation of employment for full time in the organisation of the applicant. In the event of enrolment into the 4th year of postgraduate studies through the previous (non-Bologna) study programme, the candidate must also submit a senate decision from the higher education institution allowing him/her a direct transfer to doctoral studies or a scientific title “magister znanosti”.

The application (CV including the information about the completed studies, as well as the information on the year and field of current doctoral studies) should be sent to