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Aktualne novice

Mednarodna podiplomska šola Jožefa Stefana vabi na predavanje prof. dr. Henninga ULRICHA (Departamento de Bioquimica, Instituto de Quimica Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil) z naslovom "Aptamer development for biosensorics and pharmaceutical applications", ki bo v sredo, 5. marca 2014, ob 13:00 v predavalnici MPŠ, soba N205, Jamova 39, Ljubljana.


Aptamers are small nucleic acid molecules capable of binding to a wide range of target molecules with high affinity and specificity. They have been developed and widely used not only as research tools, but also as biosensors, specific antagonists, and diagnostic markers and as protein purification platform for many pharmaceutical and clinical applications. Biochemical aspects of aptamer-target interactions will be explored and discussed why aptamers rival antibodies in target recognition. Moreover, we will also discuss aptamers whose binding parameters can be controlled on demand for diagnostic approaches and used as sensitive receptors in biosensorics. Aptamers have opened up exciting fields in basic and applied research of pharmaceutical and biotechnological interest.