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Latest news

The Norway financial mechanism supported an exchange of student Johanna Robinson in Norway.
Johanna Robinson, a master’s student at Jožef Stefan international postgraduate school, worked three months at Norwegian institute for air research  (NILU). During the three months visit in Norway she gathered knowledge on air pollution in urban areas through actively contributing to CITI-SENSE project. As her main task was to coordinate a deliverable on “Pilot study evaluation and protocol for phase 2”, she successfully explored her coordination skills. During her stay, contacts were kept to other institutions in EU participating in the CITI-SENSE project. She actively improved the communication between work packages in the project, which had long lasting effects. 
Johanna gained more experience on working in international environment and made many new contacts. She was also able to improve her Norwegian skills, and kept studying also after returning home. 
NILU benefitted by having a committed member in their CITI-SENSE team, with a high working capacity, innovative approaches and  multidisciplinary understanding of technical and societal aspects of the project which led to better communication in the project. Also, by bringing insights from the Ljubljana case study, Johanna was able to share experiences and good practices with the other case study locations.
Few months after the finishing of the working period in Norway, NILU invited the Slovenian team from Jožef Stefan institute (JSI) to another similar European project.