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You are kindly invited to participate at the 8th Conference on Experimental and Translational Oncology – CETO.
Association of Radiology and Oncology, and Co-chairs are kindly inviting you to participate at the 8th Conference on Experimental and Translational Oncology – CETO, which will be held in Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia, April 19 - 23, 2017.

The aim of the Conference is to promote the achievements of basic and clinical investigators presenting the results on mechanisms of tumor development and progression, as well as the introduction of new strategies for detection and in particular novel treatment strategies of cancer. Lectures, short oral presentations, selected from submitted abstracts and poster presentations will cover six major Conference topics:
- Genetic Toxicology
- Biomarkers, New Drugs and Therapeutic Targets
- Immunotherapy of Cancer
- Stem Cells and Cell Therapy
- Biomedical Applications of Electroporation
- Advances in Biomedical Technologies

The Conference is an ideal place for gathering of young prospective scientists with established colleagues, to promote the collaboration between academic and industrial institutions and to make new contacts between scientists from different regions.
All participants are also welcome to submit full-papers on their Conference contribution to Radiology and Oncology at, with open access at Degruyter.

We are kindly asking you to register at on-line application, starting from October 20th, giving more details about the meeting and additional information on the venue and hotel reservations. We are looking forward to welcome you in Slovenia in the spring and thank you for your response to the Secretariat of the Conference e-mail