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Old Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies at IPS comprise four years and 240 ECTS credits. Candidates who have already completed a part of their postgraduate studies in a related field and, for instance, completed their master’s degree studies, may apply for the recognition of their credits and enrolment in a higher year depending on the number of credits to be recognized by the IPS Senate.

Doctoral degree at IPS can be obtained by candidates who already have a master degree in natural sciences, technical sciences or, exceptionally, social sciences, provided that:

  • they successfully defend a pass-mark graded doctoral dissertation, or
  • by candidates who have been permitted under special conditions to transfer from the master’s to doctoral degree studies, and successfully defend their doctoral dissertation.

Doctoral studies may also be undertaken by candidates who have a master degree in another field, if the IPS Senate assesses on the basis of the candidates’ professional work in that area that they meet the criteria for undertaking doctoral studies. These candidates must fulfil all the obligations of master’s degree studies, with the exception of master’s thesis, and attain above-average results (high examination grades, above-average research results which must be publicly verifiable or published in scientific journals etc.). The application for a direct transfer to doctoral studies is to be submitted by the candidate’s mentor in agreement with the head of the study programme, and the relevant decision is adopted by the IPS Senate.

The candidates shall complete their doctoral studies upon fulfilling the following obligations:

  • all obligations related to compulsory and optional course,
  • publication or acceptance for publication of at least two papers in international scientific publications, one of which must be an SCI indexed journal,
  • successful defence of a doctoral dissertation.

The doctoral dissertation is a written work comprising the achievements of the completed independent research and representing an original contribution to the area of science from which the dissertation topic has been chosen.

Upon the successful completion of doctoral studies, candidates shall attain the title of “doktor znanosti”*.

Programmes of Study for doctoral degree:

Rules on the Master and Doctoral Studies.

*The title “doktor znanosti” is in Slovenian language and is composed of two words: the first word is Doctor and the second word is Science. However, according to the Slovenian legislation translating a professional and academic title into a foreign language is not permitted.