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Course Description

Metrology in Sensor Technologies


Sensor Technologies


prof. dr. Milena Horvat
prof. dr. Jana Žel
prof. dr. Ester Heath
prof. dr. Radmila Milačič
prof. dr. Ljudmila Benedik
prof. dr. Janko Drnovšek
prof. dr. Nives Ogrinc


To introduce students to the basics of:
• using metrological concepts in physical, chemical and biological measurements,
• understanding the concepts of traceability, uncertainty and comparability of measurement results in physical, chemical and biological measurements,
• understanding of quality systems in the field of measurements in chemistry, engineering and biology,
• knowledge of metrology systems, hierarchical structures and international organizations in the field of metrology in chemistry, engineering and biology,
• EU classification and integration of Slovenian system into the international system of measurements in chemistry, engineering and biology,
• in-depth insight into all phases of the measurement procedure, which will allow solving problems in the field of measurements in chemistry, engineering and biology,
• SI traceable measurement in the determination of organic and inorganic pollutants and other compounds, and radionuclides in the environment, health and industry,
• SI traceable measurements of natural levels of stable isotopes of light elements and the use of isotopically enriched materials,
• SI traceable measurement in the determination of nucleic acids, proteins in the field of food safety and human health.

• acquiring the ability of solving measurement problems,
• integration of knowledge in designing hypotheses for solving the problems in student's doctoral research work,
• metrological concepts, administered in the measurement carried out by the course of candidate's research work,
• management systems of traceability to SI units or reference values for measurements carried out by a candidate.


• Basic and derived SI units, definition, realization, maintenance and dissemination, or transfer of, and traceability to the international level.
• Basic concepts in delivering measurement results such as uncertainty, traceability, limit of detection, limit of quantification.
• Typical sources of uncertainty in the measurement procedures.
• Basic statistical distributions used in the analysis of measurement results and uncertainties.
• Basic concepts in the presentation of measurement results (uncertainty, correction, systematic errors, etc.).
• Modern software tools and hardware in the field of metrology.
• EU classification metrology systems / areas (legal statutory, scientific, industrial), international organizations (BIPM, OIML, EURAMET IAEA).

• General information on the measurement of physical quantities.
• Applied aspects of metrology in physical measurements.

• General information on metrology in chemistry.
• Typical sources of uncertainty assessment and calculation of uncertainty, calibration procedures, examples from different areas of sensor technology.

• General information on metrology in bioassays (nucleic acids, proteins, cells).
• Applied aspects of bioassays.
• The quality of the connection with the bioassay; examples on sensor technologies (e.g. genetically modified organisms, microorganisms).

Course literature:

• R. Laaneots in O. Mathiesen, An Introduction to metrology, TUT Press, Tallin, 2011.
• BIPM: " The International System of Units (SI)" , 8 izdaja, 2006.
• International vocubulary of metrology (VIM), JCGM, 2008.
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• Study of Measurement Service and Comparison Needs for an International Measurement Infrastructure for the Biosciences and Biotechnology: Input for the BIPM Work Programme. Rapport BIPM-2011/02.

• AQUAL, Analytical Quality and Accreditation.
• Metrologia.
• Journals related to analytical chemistry (JAAS, Analitica chimica Acta, Analyical Chemistry) and others relevant for the application of measurement science in industry, food production, environment and environmental health.
• Review articles, yearly selection.

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Seminar (30%)
Oral examination (30%)
Presentation of the project - solving the case (40%)

Students obligations:

Oral examination
Presentation of the project - solving the case