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Course Description

Measurement of Nanoparticles in Air


Sensor Technologies


prof. dr. Maja Remškar


• to ensure safe handling of nanomaterials,
• to open up new areas of development of techniques for the removal of nanoparticles from the atmosphere and prevention of release upon mechanical and thermal treatment of materials.

• ability to identify different sources of air pollution with nanoparticles,
• ability to conduct activities for improvement of working conditions and environmental protection.


• Origins of nanoparticles in atmosphere and their specific properties.
• Methods for detection of nanoparticles in atmosphere, entering paths into organism and influence on health, and techniques for removal of nanoparticles from atmosphere.
• Identification of acute and chronic sources of pollution by nanoparticles, the difference between the atmospheric particles in micron size (PM10, PM2.5) and nanoparticles.
• Relevant regulations in preparation, recommendations for safe handling of nanomaterials and the criteria for assessing the risks during production of nanomaterials and their use.
• Measurements in a real environment, which will be agreed upon, and preparation of the analysis report.

Course literature:

• J.H. Vincent: Aerosol Sampling, Science, Standards, Instrumentation and Applications, J.Wiley&Sons, Chichester 2007. (textbook)
• W.C. Hinds: Aerosol Technology, Properties, Behavior, and Measurment of Airborne Particles, J.Wiley&Sons, Chichester 1999. (textbook)
• Health Council of the Netherlands. Working with nanoparticles: Exposure registry and health monitoring. The Hague: Health Council of the Netherlands, 2012; publication no. 2012/31E. ISBN 978-90-5549-929-8

Significant publications and references:

• 108 articles-WoS,
• 8 patents,
• 2122 pure citations,
• h-index 22.

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• Safe Production and Use of Nanomaterials, NANOSAFE2, 6Th FP, Integrated project; 2005-2009 No.: 515843-1.


Monitoring at the selected field (20%)
Seminar with its presentation (30%)
Oral examination (50%)

Students obligations:

Monitoring at the selected field.
Seminar with its presentation.
Oral examination.