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Course Description

Measurement of Black Carbon and Other Carbonaceous Aerosols


Sensor Technologies


doc. dr. Griša Močnik


• understanding aerosol measurement techniques and instrumentation,
• understanding health and climate effects of carbonaceous aerosols,
• learning to plan and conduct a measurement campaign,
• learning to use receptor modeling for source apportionment of air pollution.

• ability to independently carry out a measurement campaign,
• ability to process the data and to use the results for abatement of air quality,
• ability to open up and develop the field of air pollution,
• ability to set up an experimental foundation for air quality abatement measures and verification of their efficiency; all based on critical analysis and interdisciplinary approach.


The measurement of Black Carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols, the instrumentation and measurements and aerosol climate and health effects.
• Primary and secondary aerosols.
• Instrument development, basic and hyphenated measurement techniques.
• Receptor source apportionment methods, use of the “Aethalometer model” to apportion black carbon measurements into contributions from traffic and biomass combustion.
• Shortcomings of existing air quality regulations.
• Planning of evaluation experiments.
• Ambient measurements; processing and interpretation of the data.
• Cooperation with a small high tech enterprise within the experimental campaign.

Course literature:

Books and reports:
• IPCC, 5th Assessment Report »Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis«, WMO UNEP Stockholm, 2013.
• N.A.H. Janssen et al., Health effects of black carbon, The WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Bonn, 2012.
• UN ECE, Black carbon - Report by the Co-Chairs of the Ad Hoc Expert Group on Black Carbon, UN ECE, CLRTAP, Geneva, 2010.

• Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
• Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
• Environmental Science and Technology
• Atmospheric Environment

Significant publications and references:

Bibliographic data:
• 29 articles (WoS),
• 6 patent applications (pending),
• 109 citations,
• h-index = 6.

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• Principal investigator, Fast and loading compensated Aethalometer– an instrument for real time measurement of light absorbing carbonaceous aerosol, MVZT/Eurostars (Eureka) E!4825, 2009 – 2012.


Seminar and defense of the report of the measurement campaign (50%)
Oral exam (50%)

Students obligations:

Seminar and defense of the report of the measurement campaign.
Oral exam.