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Course Description

Detector Systems and Methods for High Energy Resolution X-ray Measurements


Sensor Technologies


doc. dr. Matjaž Kavčič


Familiarize with different types and principles of operation of analyzers and detector systems for high energy resolution x-ray spectroscopy. Learn theoretical and methodological concepts of photon-in/photon-out x-ray spectroscopic methods.

Utilize the high resolution x-ray detection systems and apply the spectroscopy to characterize the electronic structure of particular material.


The course deals with detector systems for measurements of fluorescent or scattered x-ray photons with energy resolution on the level of core-hole lifetime broadening.
• Bragg crystal analyzers in different focusing geometries (Johann, Johansson, VonHamos)
• Photon-in/photon-out x-ray spectroscopic techniques (resonant inelastic x-ray scattering, x-ray Raman scattering).
• Application of these spectroscopic methods to analyze the electronic structure of bulk materials using synchrotron radiation.
• Case analytical studies from the field of new (nano)materials, chemical research, and catalysis, which are driven by the high experimental resolution and compatibility of hard x-rays with in-situ conditions.

Course literature:

• F. de Groot, A. Kotani, Core Level Spectroscopy of Solids, Taylor and Francis, 2008.
• J. Als-Nielsen, D. McMorrow, Elements of Modern X-ray Physics, John Wiley and Sons, 2011.
• G Zschornack, Handbook of X-Ray Data, Springer 2007.
• Selected papers from scientific journals (Review of Scientific Instruments, X-Ray Spectrometry, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation).

Significant publications and references:

• 55 articles (WoS),
• 382 citations (272 pure),
• h-index = 11.

Key references:
• M. Kavčič, M. Žitnik, K. Bučar, A. Mihelič, S. Carniato, L. Journel, R. Guillemin, M. Simon, Electronic State Interferences in Resonant X-Ray Emission after K-Shell Excitation in HCl, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 113004 (2010).
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Seminar, coursework project (50%)
Oral exam, defense of the project (50%)

Students obligations:

Seminar, coursework project.
Oral exam, defense of the project.