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Course Description

Ion Beam Analysis


Sensor Technologies


prof. dr. Primož Pelicon


• student learns the capabilities and specifics of modern Ion Beam Analytical methods,
• student understands the structure of X-ray emission spectrum PIXE,
• student understands the physical processes and the corresponding shape of Rutherford backscattering spectrum,
• student determines the optimal ion beam type and energy for selected analytical problem.

• student is capable to identify optimal IBA method for problem solving at his field of research,
• student able to use basic analytical software for the analysis of PIXE spectra and determination of trace element concentrations,
• student is able to use software for simulation and analysis of the backscattering spectra and is able to determine thin film stechiometry and elemental depth concentration profiles.


Interaction of fast ions with matter:
• Stopping
• Scattering
• Ionisation
• Nuclear excitation
Spectroscopic methods with ion scattering:
• Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS)
• Elastic Backscettering Spectroscopy (EBS)
• Elastic Recoil Detection Spectroscopy (ERDA)
Spectroscopic methods with photon emmision
• Particle-Induced X-ray Spectroscopy (PIXE)
• Particle-Induced Gamma-Spectroscopy (PIGE)
Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA)
• Spectroscopy based on (3He,p) reaction
• Hydrogen detection with 15N beam
• Spectroscopy based on (p, α) reaction
Application of focused high-energy ion beams
• Shaping of focused high-energy ion beams
• Acquisition principles of elemental mapping
• Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy
• Proton Beam Writing (PBW)
Advanced methods of Ion Beam Analysis (IBA)
• PIXE/STIM tomography
• Confocal PIXE
• Single ion irradiation
• In-air analysis
• IBA methods with position-sensitive detectors
• IBA methods based on Time-Of-Flight principle

Course literature:

Selected scientific journal publications:
• Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Phys. Res. B,
• Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy,
• Journal of applied Physics/Applied Physics Letters.

• Handbook of Modern Ion Beam Materials Analysis, Y. Wang, M. Nastasi, Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Significant publications and references:

• Število citatov / Number of citations (WoS): 611/461 without self-citations. H-index: 14.

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Seminar describing particular application of Ion Beam Analytical method in a research field close to the candidate (30%)
Project of quantitative analysis of IBA spectrum (20%)
Oral examination (50%)

Students obligations:

Seminar describing particular application of Ion Beam Analytical method in a research field close to the candidate.
Project of quantitative analysis of IBA spectrum.
Oral examination.