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Course Description

Photon, Electron and Ion Detection Sensors


Sensor Technologies


doc. dr. Klemen Bučar


Understand theoretical and practical principles of detector operation, their properties and suitability in different conditions.
Acquire practical knowledge on handling the devices, building detector systems, data acquisition and data processing.


• Interaction of particles and radiation with matter
• Modern detectors for photon and particles
o Gas filled detectors
o Solid state detectors
o Semiconductor detectors
o Scintillation detectors
o Imaging detectors
• Detectors usage
o Basic experiments
o Use in analysis of matter
o Dosimetry and radiation protection
o Detection of electrons
o Detection of ions
o Ion optics, electrostatic lenses, energy analysers
• Signals from different types of detectors and processing of data
• Practical examples:
o Electron analyser
o Ion time-of-flight spectrometer
o Measuring nuclide spectrum

Course literature:

Historical and basic literature:
• W. R. Leo, Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments: A How-to Approach, 1994.
• G. Gilmore, Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry: 2nd (second) Edition, 2009.
• G. F. Knoll, Radiation Detection and Measurement, 2010.

Complementary literature:
• Detector manuals, manufacturer's datasheets.
• Recent articles from the relevant field, such as Review of Scientific Instruments, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A and B.

Significant publications and references:

• No. of articles (WoS): 38,
• No. of citations 332 (pure 273),
• h-index: 12.

• BUČAR, Klemen, ŽITNIK, Matjaž. Auger electron-ion coincidence spectrometry after electronic excitation of L-shell in argon. Radiat. phys. chem. , 2007, 76(3), 487-491.
• BUČAR, Klemen, KORUN, Matjaž, VODENIK, Branko. Influence of the thorium decay series on the background of high-resolution gamma-ray spectrome. Appl. radiat. isotopes. , 2012, 70(6), 1005-1009.
• LABLANQUIE, P., BUČAR, Klemen, ŽITNIK, Matjaž. Properties of hollow molecules probed by single-photon double ionization. Phys. rev. lett.., 2011, 106(6), 063003.
• RUBENSSON, Jan-Erik, MOISE, Angelica, MIHELIČ, Andrej, BUČAR, Klemen, ŽITNIK, Matjaž, RICHTER, Robert. Experimental confirmation of photon-induced spin-flip transitions in helium via triplet metastable yield spectra. Phys. rev., A, 2010, 81(6), 062510.
• ŽITNIK, Matjaž, PELICON, Primož, BUČAR, Klemen, GRLJ, Nataša, KARYDAS, Andreas-Germanos, SOKARAS, Dimosthenis, SCHUTZ, R., KANNGIEίER, Birgit. Element-selective three-dimensional imaging of microparticles with a confocal micro-PIXE arrangement. X-ray spectrom., 2009, 38(6), 526-539.


Examination (50%)
Project (50%)

Students obligations: