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Course Description

From Environment to Neuronal Networks


Sensor Technologies


doc. dr. Meta Virant-Doberlet


• understanding a complex approach to studies of insect communication which is an ideal model to investigate neuronal networks,
• understanding the significance of relation between the specific environment and animal behaviour.

• ability to interact with researchers in the fields of robotics, neuronal networks, speech recognition, neuroethology, agriculture.


Topics included in the course syllabus:
• insect communication and behaviour,
• connection and relation between environment and communication,
• sensory systems and receptors,
• case studies on processing of sensory information obtained from environment in the central nervous system neuronal networks underlying insect behaviour.

Course literature:

• Gerhardt, H.C. & Huber, F. (2002): Acoustic Communication in Insects and Anurans: Common Problems and Diverse Solutions. University of Chicago Press.
• North, G. & Greenspan, R.J. (eds.) (2007): Invertebrate Neurobiology. Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press.

Relevant Scientific papers in journals:
• Animal Behaviour.
• Journal of Comparative Neurology.
• Journal of Comparative Physiology.

Significant publications and references:

• Virant-Doberlet M., Čokl A., Zorović M. (2006). Use of substrate vibrations for orientation: from behaviour to physiology. In: Insect Sounds and Communication: physiology, behaviour, ecology and evolution (eds. Drosopoulus S. & Claridge M.), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 81-97.
• De Groot M., Čokl A., Virant-Doberlet M. (2010): Effects of heterospecific and conspecific vibrational signal overlap and signal-to-noise ratio on male responsiveness in nezara viridula (L.). Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 3213-3222.
• De Groot M., Čokl A., Virant-Doberlet M. (2011): Species identity cues: possibilities for errors during vibrational communication on plant stems. Behavioral Ecology 22: 1209-1217.
• Eriksson A., Anfora, G., Lucchi A., Virant-Doberlet M., Mazzoni V. (2011) Inter-plant vibrational communication in a leafhopper insect. PLoS ONE 6, e19692.
• Virant-Doberlet M., Mazzoni V., de Groot M., Polajnar J., Lucchi A., Symondson W.O.C., Čokl A. (2014) Vibrational communication networks: eavesdropping and biotic noise. In: Vibrational Communication in Arthropods, (eds. Cocroft R.B., Wessel A., & Gogala M.). Springer, in print.


Written exam (50%)
Seminar (50%)

Students obligations:

Written exam.