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Course Description

Sensors in Human Computer Interaction


Sensor Technologies


prof. dr. Franc Novak


• Knowing the principles for achieving good fit among the user, tasks and technology.
• Understanding interactive system architectures that support various sensory perceptors.
• Getting an overview of sensor applications in human computer interaction.
• Understanding the implications of wireless, wearable and other emerging technologies.
• Getting experience in user interface prototyping.
• Getting experience in usability testing comparing possible solutions.

• For a given sensor application: understanding its role in human computer interaction with respect to physical restrictions and stated goals.
• Implementing prototypes for quick evaluation of the designed sensor application using established approaches of usability testing.
• Knowledge of the established user interface design heuristics.
• Experience in preparing evaluation plan considering user needs and possible restrictions.
• Performing evaluation of the designed sensor application.
• Ability for comparing the developed solution with the state-of-the-art and assessing the achieved level of innovation.


• Human computer interaction: methodology, survey of existing technologies and recent advances in the field.
• Human computer interaction systems architectures.
• Main areas of sensor based human computer interaction: conventional (mouse, keyboard, joysticks), motion tracking, haptic sensors, pressure sensors, taste/smell sensors.
• User interface prototyping.
• Usability testing techniques.
• Design heuristics and heuristic evaluation.
• Advanced sensor based human computer interaction applications.

Course literature:

• Inaki Maurtua (Edt.), Human-Computer Interaction, In Tech, 2009.
• Inaki Maurtua (Edt.), Human Machine Interaction - Getting Closer, In Tech, 2012.

• Human Computer Interaction.
• ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction.

Conference proceedings:
• Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Significant publications and references:

• Marko Pavlin, Darko Belavič, Franc Novak: Ceramic MEMS designed for wireless pressure monitoring in the industrial environment, Sensors, 12 (1): 320-333, 2012.
• Marko Pavlin, Franc Novak: A wireless interface for replacing the cables in bridge-sensor applications. Sensors, 12 (8): 10014-10033, 2012.
• Roman Pačnik, Franc Novak: A high-sensitivity hydraulic load cell for small kitchen appliances. Sensors, 10 (9): 8452-8465, 2010.
• Marko Pavlin, Franc Novak: Yield enhancement of piezoresistive pressure sensors for automotive applications, Sens. actuators, A, Phys., 141 (1): 34-42, 2008.
• Gregor Papa, Drago Torkar: Visual control of an industrial robot manipulator: accuracy estimation, Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 55 (12): 781-787, 2009.


Seminar work with presentation and defence of the solution for the selected problem from student’s research work (60%)
Oral exam (40%)

Students obligations:

Seminar work with presentation and defence of the solution for the selected problem from student’s research work.
Oral exam.