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Course Description

Environmental Pollution - Selected Topics


Ecotechnologies, second-level study programme


prof. dr. Milena Horvat
prof. dr. Ester Heath
prof. dr. Radmila Milačič
prof. dr. Janez Ščančar
prof. dr. Sonja Lojen
prof. dr. Nives Ogrinc


The main goal is to achieve proficiency and the highest possible sophistication of the perceptive abilities of students in the management of environmental pollution, in particular in solving practical problems.


The course involves:
– Solving the key issues of air, water, land and food pollution
– Identification and prevention of the pollutant circulation process (stress on toxic chemical elements, natural and artificial radionuclides and organic pollutants)
– Planning of monitoring
– Application of legislation and standards in solving the selected issues
– Cases will be adapted to the objectives and topic content of the relevant postgraduate's research project.

Course literature:

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• Izbrane informacije bodo podiplomci zajeli iz mednarodnih informacijskih sistemov.

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Seminar and oral exam (100%):
the candidate demonstrates his/her knowledge and understanding of the essential course content, and presents how this new knowledge can be included in his/her research project – in front of the course leader and postgraduate's project supervisor.

Students obligations:

Seminar and oral exam.