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Course Description

Humanoid and Service Robotics


Information and Communication Technologies, third-level study programme


doc. dr. Bojan Nemec
doc. dr. Andrej Gams


The objective of this course to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge of the basics of service and humanoid robotics, control, learning and applications of service and humanoid robots. The emphasis is on modern approaches of the integration of robot systems into human-like environments.

The obtained knowledge will allow the students to understand the basic principles of motion and handle modern technologies of service robotics and to apply these technologies into real practice.


Basic structure of humanoid and service robots

Parametric policy representation
Discrete and periodic policies,
Representations using Hidden Markov model, Gaussian mixture model, Gaussian mixture regression, Dynamic motion primitives, Probability motion primitives, Interactive motion primitives, Compliant motion primitives

Learning for humanoid and service robots:
Imitation learning
Reinforcement learning

Motion generalization:
Statistical generalization methods

Autonomous motion adaptation:
Using iterative learning control
Using reinforcement learning
Using neural networks

Robot learning and adaptation in latent spaces:
Latent space policy representation
Learning and task execution in latent spaces

Optimal robot control:
Using linear quadratic regulator
Extension to non-linear robot dynamics
Model predictive control in robotics

Humanoid and service robots in human environments:
Human – robot cooperation
Physical human – robot and robot – environment interaction
Motion synchronization and adaptation

Bimanual robot control:
Master-slave approach
Symmetrical task decomposition


Indoor navigation
Outdoor navigation

Advanced sensory systems for environment detection and localization:
RGBD cameras
Laser scanners
Proximity sensors

Service robot applications

Course literature:

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Oral exam (50%)
Seminar work with oral defense (50%)

Students obligations:

Oral exam
Seminar work with oral defense