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Course Description



Information and Communication Technologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Jan Babič


The objective of this course is to understand the basics biomechanical principles of motion, to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge of the basics of biorobotics, control, learning and applications of humanoid robots. The emphasis is on modern approaches of the integration of robot systems into human-like environments.

The obtained knowledge will allow the students to understand the basic principles of motion and handle modern technologies of biorobotics and to apply these technologies into real practice.


• Introduction to mechanics and motor control of animals and humans
• Mechanics of musculoskeletal system and principles of neural control
• Motion capture methods and acquisition of biomechanical parameters
• Application of biomechanics in the development of humanoid mechanisms
• Learning of humanoid and service robots
o Imitation learning
o Reinforcement learning
• Humanoid robots in human environments (human – robot cooperation)
• Biologically inspired robotic systems
• Locomotion
• Advanced sensory systems for environment detection and localisation
• Service robots applications

Course literature:

Selected chapters from the following books:

• R.M. Enoka: Neuromechanics of Human Movement, 3rd edition, Human Kinetics Books, 2002. ISBN 0-736-00251-0
• D.A. Winter: Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement, John Wiley & Sons, 2005. ISBN 0-471-50908-6
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• J.H. Connell, S. Mahadevan: Robot Learning, Springer, 1993. ISBN 9780-7923-9365-8

Significant publications and references:

• Babic, J., Hale, J. G., & Oztop, E. (2011). Human sensorimotor learning for humanoid robot skill synthesis. Adaptive Behavior, 19(4), 250–263.
• Babič, J., Petrič, T., Peternel, L., & Sarabon, N. (2014). Effects of supportive hand contact on reactive postural control during support perturbations. Gait & Posture, 40, 441–446.
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• Peternel, L., Tomoyuki, N., Petric, T., Ude, A., Morimoto, J., & Babic, J. (2015). Adaptive control of exoskeleton robots for periodic assistive behaviours based on EMG feedback minimisation. IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics.


Oral exam (50%)
Seminar work with oral defense (50%)

Students obligations:

Oral exam, seminar work with oral defense.