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Course Description

Plasma Nanoscience


Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Uroš Cvelbar


The objective of the course is to deliver to the students the existing knowledge from plasma nanoscience and its applications.

Students will be acquainted with basic concepts of plasma nanoscience, modern processes for preparation of nanomaterials or nanostructuring of surfaces including nanofabrication processes like plasma etching for development of nanostructured patterns, direct growth of nanostructures on different interphases, depositions from vapour phase as well as other modifications enabled by plasma. The plasma-assisted processes and mechanisms that enable such surface preparations will be outlined and connected to the roles of plasma radicals.

Students will develop the ability to solve independent research and development tasks in the field of plasma-assisted nanostructuring of surfaces and nanomaterials, which includes basic concepts, proper selection of processes for preparation of surfaces and growth of nanomaterials with plasma.


The course introduces the basics of plasma nanoscience including the use of reactive plasma in processes for nanostructuring surfaces, different plasma-assisted methods and techniques for preparation of nanomaterials as well as processes which run on surfaces during plasma interaction.

The basic interactions on interphase plasma-surface which enable creation of 1D, 2D or 3D nanostructures are presented. Moreover, the role of plasma radicals in these processes is unrevealed.

New methods and processes which enable nanofabrication based on plasma-assisted processes are introduced including etching, direct growth of nanostructures on different interphases, deposition from gas phase, modifications of nanostructures with plasma radicals, doping, etc.

New technologies for nanofabrication which are based on different plasmas and systems.

Current and grand challenges on the field of plasma nanoscience are presented.

Course literature:

Selected chapters from the following books:

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Selected papers:

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Significant publications and references:

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Seminar work (50%)
Oral defense of seminar work (50%)

Students obligations:

Seminar work and oral defense of seminar work.