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Course Description

Seminar I


Information and Communication Technologies, second-level study programme


prof. dr. Marko Debeljak


The goal of this reading seminar course is to give an overview of the major directions of research in the field of Information and Communication Technologies using both academic texts and current research scientific literature, with a strong preference for the latter.


Students are expected to gain a general understanding of the research activities in Information and Communication Technologies research area. They will get skills to evaluative published works in scientific literature, to write professional and scientific papers and to make a public presentation of their review seminar work.

Course literature:

Professional and scientific literature.

Significant publications and references:

• M. Debeljak, A. Ficko, and R. Brus, The use of habitat and dispersal models in protecting European black poplar (Populus nigra L.) from genetic introgression in Slovenia. Biological Conservation, ISSN 0006-3207. [Print ed.], vol. 184, str. 310-319, 2015.
• V. Kuzmanovski, A. Trajanov, F. Leprince, S. Džeroski, and M. Debeljak, Modeling water outflow from tile-drained agricultural fields. Science of the total environment, vol. 505, str. 390-401.
• T. Jaklič, L. Juvančič, S. Kavčič, and M. Debeljak, Complementarity of socio-economic and emergy evaluation of agricultural production systems : the case of Slovenian dairy sector. Ecological economics, vol. 107, str. 469-481, 2014.
• M. Debeljak, A. Poljanec, and B. Ženko, Modelling forest growing stock from inventory data : a data mining approach. Ecological indicators, vol. 41, str. 30-39, 2014.
• J. Levatić, D. Kocev, M. Debeljak, and S. Džeroski, Community structure models are improved by exploiting taxonomic rank with predictive clustering trees. Ecological modelling, 11 str., 2014.
• F. Graef, M. Debeljak, S. Džeroski, et al. A framework for a European network for a systematic environmental impact assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMO). BioRisk, vol. 7, str. 73-97, 2012.
• M. Debeljak, A. Trajanov, D. Stojanova, F. Leprince, and S. Džeroski, Using relational decision trees to model out-crossing rates in a multi-field setting. V: JORDÁN, Ferenc (ur.), SCOTTI, Marco (ur.). Proceedigs of the 7th ECEM, European Conference on Ecological Modelling, 30 May - 2 June 2011, Riva el Garda, Italy, vol. 245, str. 75-83, 2012.
• J. Cortet, D. Kocev, C. Ducobu, S. Džeroski, M. Debeljak, and C. Schwartz, Using data mining to predict soil quality after application of biosolids in agriculture. Journal of environmental quality, vol. 40, no. 6, str. 1972-1982, 2011.



Students obligations:

Seminar work with oral defense