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Course Description

Environmental Protection Engineering


Ecotechnologies, second-level study programme


prof. dr. Peter Glavič


Environmenta protection engineering:
• Environmental contaminants
• Material and energy balances
• Unit operations
• Process systems engineering
Seminar work:
• An example of the process in environmental protection engineering


Understanding environmental protection engineering
Industrial environmental engineering
Pollutants and environmental fate
Energy and air conditioning

Green chemistry
Unit operation for pollution prevention
Evaluating environmental performance
Flow sheet analysis and environmental evaluation
Environmental cost accounting
Life-cycle concept and green engineering
Industrial ecology

Air and noice
Waste waters
Drinking water
Soil protection and sanitation
Waste and recycling
Integrated environmental engineering

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Significant publications and references:

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Active participation during the course, seminar and oral examination (100%)

Students obligations:

Coursework, projects.
Seminar and oral examination.