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Course Description

Hydrology and Environment


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Sonja Lojen


The main goal of the course is understanding of hydrological cycle, material transport through hydrosphere and interactions with lithosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. The course focuses on interactions between man and natural environment, as well as the consequences of human activities for environment degradation and protection.



Hydrological cycle, water resources and environment:

Precipitation: formation and classification of precipitation, geographical and temporal distribution, interactions with atmosphere and geosphere, precipitation measurement, extreme precipitation events, erosion

Infiltration and soil water: soil-water relationship, basic soil characteristics, soil-water retention, soil water balance, soil water analysis, infiltration rate, water movement through soil horizons, interactions of water and water-borne substances with soils

Evapotranspiration: basic evapotranspiration processes, soil and plant evapotranspiration, water retention in soil and vegetation, water uptake, evaporation and evapotranspiration measurements, input parameters, calculation

Runoff: watershed characteristics, runoff characteristics, estimation and forecast of runoff, hydrographic methods, extreme events, subsurface water flow, modifications of surface flow in water management

Rivers: interaction between river and landscape, characteristics of rivers and river biota, river evolution, flow stability, material transport, catchment management

Soil protection and sediment balance: erosion, soil loss, soil loss tolerance, sediment balance concept

Forest and wetland hydrology: basic principles, energy and water balance, interactions with biota

Hydrogeology: groundwater flow, water-rock interaction, aquifers

Man and water cycle: water status assessment, urban hydrology, forecast and regulation of flood events, water retention, water treatment systems, landfills

Legislation for water management


Course literature:

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Seminar, oral exam.

Students obligations:

Seminar and oral exam.