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Course Description

Ichthyology and Fisheries


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Lovrenc Lipej


This course offers the basic knowledge on ichthyology as a special biological scientific discipline with special remark on fisheries biology as a direct application of ichthyology.
Students will achieve basic information on the biology and ecology of fishes and scientific methods, as well. Special attention is paid to the recently discovered techniques for sampling such as non-destructive techniques, which are suitable for studying marine protected areas.


Ichthyology and fisheries biology

• Definition. History of ichthyological research.
• Methods & techniques in ichthyology. SCUBA methods in ichthyology. Non-destructive visual techniques. Sampling of endolithic & cryptobenthic species. Sampling of cartilaginous fishes.
• Basic external fish morphology and anatomy. Biometry and meristics. Indetification methods.
• Life strategies. Reproductive ecology. Sexual dimorphosm and polymorphism. K vs r strategy.
• Feeding ecology. Generalist vs specialists. Techniques in diet research. Trophic levels.
• Why are there so many fish species? Fish zoogepography. Endemism.
• Ecological groups of fishes. Cryptobentnic species. Endolithic species.
• Fish guilds. Fish as ecological indicators.
• An introduction to fisheries biology. Fish living resources. Sustainable fisheries. Aquaculture.

Course literature:

Selected chapters from the following books:

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Scientific papers related to this topic in the Adriatic and Mediterranean areas.

Significant publications and references:

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Seminar work (50%)
Oral defense of seminar work (50%)

Students obligations:

Seminar work.
Oral defense of seminar work.