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Jožef Stefan
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Course Description

Invasion ecology and importance of interspecific interactions in ecosystems


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


doc. dr. Al Vrezec


Development of critical thinking about ecosystem functioning, evolution and ecosystem conservation in regard to biotic interactions. As a key example the problem of invasive alien species is set, which are recently one the most important environmental problems on the field of ecosystem conservation and economic exploitation of natural resources. The subject is aimed to enhance basic knowledge on ecological principles regarding ecosystem structure and function regarding biotic environmental factors from the basic and applicative points of view.


- Introduction to ecology of interspecific interactions and functional relations in natural assemblages
- Types and characteristics of direct interactions
- Multispecies interaction complex (indirect interactions)
- Influence of altered interspecific interaction on ecosystem function
- Problem of alien species introductions to natural ecosystems
- Invasion naturalization process of alien species and ecology of invasion steps
- Coevolution of coexisting species (The Red-Queen Hypothesis)

Course literature:

Begon, M., C. R. Townsend & J. L. Harper (2006): Ecology. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.
Kryštufek B. (1999): Osnove varstvene biologije. Tehniška založba Slovenije, Ljubljana.
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Review articles on selected topics.
Notes from lectures.

Significant publications and references:

JAKLIČ, Martina, VREZEC, Al. The first tropical alien crayfish species in European waters : the redclaw Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens, 1868) (Decapoda, Parastacidae). Crustaceana, 2011, vol. 84, no. 5-6, str. 651-665., doi: 10.1163/001121611X577936. [COBISS.SI-ID 2398799], [JCR, WoS, št. citatov do 6. 10. 2011: 0, brez avtocitatov: 0, normirano št. citatov: 0]
kategorija: 1A3 (Z1); uvrstitev: SCI, MBP; tipologijo je verificiral OSICN
točke: 30, št. avtorjev: 2
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kategorija: 1A1 (Z1, A'); uvrstitev: SCI, MBP; tipologijo je verificiral OSICN
točke: 8.67, št. avtorjev: 48
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Exam (condition is positive score) (25 %)
Seminar (75 %)

Students obligations:

Exam and Seminar.