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Course Description

Stress responses in marine environment


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


doc. dr. Andreja Ramšak
prof. dr. Valentina Turk
prof. dr. Alenka Malej


Development of critical thinking and analytical approach to solve complex problems of pollution in the marine environment, searching the literature and databases, selection and appropriate use of relevant data and information to solve the problems in coastal and marine ecosystem.


Introduction to estuarine and coastal ecosystem.
Human influences on coastal zone and resource use, environmental indicators and DPSIR framework.
Marine pollution and coastal water quality (sources and impacts of pollution, monitoring).
Understanding of ecological stress evoked in marine organisms by different environmental factors and its meaning for individual, population, species level.
Introduction to main mechanisms against stress at cellular level to abiotic stress factors (heat, cold, salinity, hypoxia, drought) in marine organisms (e. g. mollusc and fish; important in human consumption).
Toxic substances as stress factors and response at molecular level in marine organisms.
Genetically dependent response to stress (microevolution, resistance and tolerance to toxic substances).
Field work: Practical work on field to collect and record data on physico-chemical parameters, collection of organisms of interest, morphology and adaptations in mussels as model organism.

Role of microorganisms in coastal and estuarine ecosystems. The response of marine microbial communities to environmental perturbations, and climatic changes; The relationships between biodiversity, food webs, and biogeochemical cycling.

Course literature:

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Seminar 75%
Writing exam 25%

Students obligations:

Writing exam