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Course Description

Organic chemistry for the sustainable development


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Stojan Stavber
prof. dr. Jernej Iskra
doc. dr. Ajda Podgoršek Berke


The main objective of this course is to deepen the knowledge of organic chemistry in the area of student’s research programme connected with transformations of organic compounds under green reaction conditions and related process techniques. Thus, a student can deepen the knowledge in his research and at the same time enter a new dimension in solving problems in areas of his study of green organic chemistry.


The course is directed towards deepening and consolidation of the understanding of organic chemistry in the specific area that is normally associated with the student's research topics related to transformations of organic molecules under green reaction conditions and corresponding process technologies. Emphasis is on the following topics:
1. Oxidative transformations of organic compounds under green reaction conditions.
- Aerobic oxidations of organic compounds
- Oxidative halogenations of organic molecules using air oxygen or hydrogen peroxide as oxidants
- Synthesis of organic peroxides using hydrogen peroxide. Bioactivity of organic peroxides.

2. Selective introduction of the fluorine atom into organic molecules under green reaction conditions. Potential bioactivity of fluoroorganic compounds.

3. Alternative reaction systems:
- Green reaction media: water, ionic liquids, fluorous solvents, solvent-free reactions, immobilization of reactants.
- Alternative activation of organic reactions: microwaves, ultrasound, light, mechanochemical activation.

4. Design of organic reactions under green reaction conditions
- Methodology for evaluation of environmentally impact of chemical processes.
- Application of the principles of green chemistry in practice.

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• oral exam (50 %)
• seminar (30 %)
• experimental work (20 %)

Students obligations:

• seminar, oral exam and experimental work