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Course Description

Radioactive and Nuclear Methods for the Study of Processes


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Borut Smodiš
prof. dr. Janja Vaupotič


Ensuring that postgraduate students gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the effects and consequences of various kinds of radioactive radiation and protection against radiation, handling of radioactive substances, and irradiation dose calculation methods. Introducing students to the selected nuclear techniques for the study of processes in the environment and development of technologies. Emphasis shall be placed on the management of the selected techniques for identification and monitoring of certain typical industrial pollutants, and for monitoring processes in the introduction of clean technologies in relation with the postgraduates’ projects.


This course comprises the following:
- Deepening the knowledge of the bases of radioactivity (sources of radiations, interactions of radiations with substance, radiation detection instruments) as the basis for the work of students on actual projects.
- Deepening the knowledge of human exposure to radiation in nature and in the working environment, and legislation concerning protection against radiation.
- Introduction to nuclear analytical methods for the study of processes in the environment and technologies, with emphasis on their relevance to the postgraduates’ projects.
- Introduction of postgraduate students to the use of radioactive tracers for monitoring processes, suitable for the actual projects of postgraduate students.

Course literature:

• M. F. L'Annunziata. Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis. 2nd Edition. London: Academic Press (2003), 1273 p., ISBN 0-12-436603-1

• G. F. Knoll. Radiation Detection and Measurements. 3rd Edition. N.Y.: John Wiley & Sons (2000), ISBN 0471073385

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Significant publications and references:

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Seminar and oral exam, in which the candidate demonstrates his/her knowledge and understanding of the essential course content, and presents how this new knowledge can be included in his/her research project – in front of the course leader and postgraduate's project supervisor.

Students obligations:

Seminar and oral exam.