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Course Description

Systems, Facilities and Materials for Alternative Energy Sources


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Boris Orel


Collecting of knowledge needed for controlling the operation of electrochemical photovoltaic systems and materials for their manufacturing.


Solar absorbers and solar collectors: materials, technologies.

Photoelectrochemical systems: basic principles of the operation of photoelectrochemical Gretzel type photovoltaic cell; the preparation of components – nanocrystalline transition metal oxides acting as photoanodes, ionic-redox electrolytes with nanocomposite structure acting as a “hole” transporting media, assembling of the cells, efficiency measurements and the evaluation of their stability.

Basic principles of the operation of the passive optical switching systems for light control in buildings: “smart” electrochromic windows, gasochromic systems and thermochromi and photochromic devices.

The preparation and functioning of materials exhibiting photocatalytic properties: nanoporous titan (IV) oxide with photocatalytic and superhydrophylic properties.

Course literature:

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Significant publications and references:

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Seminar and oral exam, in which the candidate demonstrates his/her knowledge and understanding of the essential course content, and presents how this new knowledge can be included in his/her research project – in front of the course leader and postgraduate's project

Students obligations:

Seminar and oral exam.