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Course Description

Introduction to Environmentally Friendly Plasma Technologies


Ecotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Miran Mozetič


The students master the basic skills in the domain of plasma technologies and gain an overview of
available equipment. They learn to critically assess deficiencies of conventional technological procedures for processing materials, in particular from the viewpoint of quality and ecological (un)acceptability of technologies. The students obtain knowledge required to independently prepare a study in which the possibilities of replacement of the existing conventional technologies by new plasma ones are assessed. They also learn to critically evaluate the advantages and deficiencies of plasma technologies, in particular the complexity of introduction of new technologies in terms of time, staff and funding, their ecological advantages and their quality.


• Unbalanced state of gas and gaseous discharge (one-way discharge, low-frequency discharge, radiofrequency discharge, microwave discharge, combined discharges)
• Plasma (plasma formation, basic characteristics and parameters of plasma, ionic and reactive plasmas, methods of plasma diagnostics, plasma reactors)
• Plasma technologies (interaction of plasma radicals with surface of solids, overview of vacuum plasma technologies, plasma surface activation and passivation, plasma cleaning, cold incineration, plasma functionalization and biocompatible materials, selective plasma etching, plasma sterilization)
• Plasma in industry (current state and trends, microelectronics, electrical industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, biology and medicine)
• Commercial aspects of plasma technologies (assessment of complexity of plasma technologies in terms of costs, staff and time, plasma technologies and ecology, safety at work with plasma equipment)

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• experimental work
• seminar

Students obligations:

Seminar and oral exam, in which the candidate demonstrates his/her knowledge and understanding of the essential course content, and presents how this new knowledge can be included in his/her research project – in front of the course leader and postgraduate's project