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Course Description

Seminar II


Information and Communication Technologies, second-level study programme


prof. dr. Nada Lavrač


The goal of this reading seminar course is to give an overview of the major directions of research in the field of new media and Information-Communication Technologies using both academic texts and current research scientific literature, with a strong preference for the latter.


Students are expected to gain a general understanding of the research activates on new media and Information-Communication Technologies research area. They will get skills to evaluative published works in scientific literature, to write professional and scientific papers and to make a public presentation of their review seminar work.

Seminar presentations of students are carried out in the presence of the supervisor and two other higher education teachers or researchers, who are normally also members of the commission for the assessment of the doctoral dissertation.

Course literature:

Professional and scientific literature.

Significant publications and references:

Supervisor's references.


Seminar paper.

Students obligations:

The student presents the Seminar II on his research work in the current academic year in front of a committee. The student and his supervisor shall jointly set the date and time of the seminar. At least one week before the presentation, the student shall communicate the date, time, room and title of the seminar to After presenting the Seminar II the student must submit to the IPS Secretariat the filled out and signed minutes of the Seminar II, Seminar II exam application as well as the printed presentation of the Seminar II.