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Course Description



Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Cornelis Johannes Forrendinis Van Noorden


The aim of the course is to give students practical and theoretical insight and overview of the imaging techniques and methodologies that are available these days to image cells, tissues and organs in the most true-to-nature conditions possible. The insights and overview creates a basis for the students to select the right imaging techniques in their further career in applied or fundamental research.


The course Bioimaging deals with the revolutionary new developments in bioimaging from the level of non-invasive imaging in live animals, 4D imaging of live cells and tissues (organoids) down to microscopy and nanoscopy. The Nobel prizes for the developments of fluorescent proteins in cell biology in 2008 and for nanoscopy in 2014 demonstrate the importance of the techniques. They have given cell and tissue biology completely new dimensions. In the course, the various approaches in bioimaging will be learned:
- Non-invasive imaging in live animals
- Imaging of cells, organoids and tissues in vitro
- Confocal microscopy
- Fluorescence versus absorbance
- In situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry
and metabolic mapping by enzyme histochemistry
- Transmission and scanning electron microscopy
- Combined light and electron microscopy (CLEM1)
- 4D (time and space) imaging of live cells with controlled light exposure microscopy (CLEM2)
- Nanoscopy (superresolution) with STED and PALM
- Image cytometry and image analysis
- Flow cytometry and cell sorting

Course literature:

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Significant publications and references:

The acquired theoretical ad practical knowledge will be acquired during selective lectures and consultations. It is also possible to include the students into experimental research in the laboratory.

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Oral presentation (70%)
Writing essay (30%)

Students obligations:

Oral presentation.
Writing essay.