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Jožef Stefan
Postgraduate School

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SI-1000 Ljubljana

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Course Description

Magnetic Relaxation and Resonance of Nanomaterials


Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Tomaž Apih


Students are trained for research work in the field of magnetic resonance and relaxation of nanomaterials.


Molecular dynamics and excitation in solid matter and NMR relaxation
Magnetic resonance imaging of condensed matter
Quasicrystal spectra
Thermotropic system spectra
Spectra of disordered systems, glasses and relaxors
Spectra of nanomagnets and fullerides
Biomolecule spectra
Study of molecular dynamics by NMR

Course literature:

The latest articles from scientific journals Science, Nature in Physical Review Letters.

R. Ernst, NMR in One and Two dimensions (1990)

A. Abragam: The principles of nuclear magnetism, Oxford University Press (1960)

Significant publications and references:

APIH, Tomaž, CEVC, Pavel, BLINC, Robert, JEVNIKAR, Peter, FUNDUK, Nenad. Proton spin-lattice ralaxation study of the setting reaction in conventional and resin-modified glass-ionomer dental cements. Appl. magn. reson., 2008, vol. 33, no. 3, str. 323-332.

BLINC, Robert, ŠUŠTERŠIČ, J., APIH, Tomaž, HLINKA, J. Deuteron NMR and soliton density in incommensurate thiourea. Phys. rev., B, Condens. matter mater. phys., 2006, vol. 73, str. 094119-1-094119-5.

LUŽNIK, Janko, PIRNAT, Janez, JAZBINŠEK, Vojko, APIH, Tomaž, GREGOROVIĆ, Alan, BLINC, Robert, SELIGER, Janez, TRONTELJ, Zvonko. Polarization enhanced " single shot" [sup](14)N nuclear quadrupole resonance detection of trinitrotoluene at room temperature. Appl. phys. lett., 2006, vol. 89, iss. 12, 3 str

APIH, Tomaž, BOBNAR, Matej, DOLINŠEK, Janez, JASTROW, Lioba, ZANDER, Daniela, KÖSTER, Uwe. Influence of the hydrogen content on hydrogen diffusion in the Zr[sub](69.5)Cu[sub](12)Ni[sub](11)Al[sub](7.5) metallic glass. Solid state commun.. [Print ed.], 2005, vol. 134, str. 337-341.

APIH, Tomaž, KHARE, Varsha, KLANJŠEK, Martin, JEGLIČ, Peter, DOLINŠEK, Janez. Hydrogen diffusion in partially quasicrystalline Zr[sub](69.5)Cu[sub](12)Ni[sub](11)Al[sub](7.5). Phys. rev., B, Condens. matter mater. phys., 2003, vol. 68, str. 212202-1-212202-4.


Seminar and oral exam.

Students obligations:

Seminar and oral exam.