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Course Description

Advanced Metallic Materials


Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Monika Jenko
prof. dr. Vojteh Leskovšek
doc. dr. Borivoj Šuštaršič


The course will provide theoretical and practical knowledge of advanced metallic materials, insight to materials science and engineering of metallic materials, properties of metallic materials, structure.
The course will provide the development of an atomic level understanding of atom/surface interactions during the dynamic process of vapor-phase or adsorption/ segregation thin and ultra thin film growth in order to control, manipulate microchemistry of metallic materials, microstructure, and, hence, physical properties of metallic materials. The next chapter discuss materials classification and the basics of advanced metallic materials. The course will provide the basic knowledge of microstructure evolution of metals and alloys, metallurgical thermodynamics and phase diagrams constitution.
The course will provide knowledge of temperature dependent properties and phase transformation of metallic materials.


1) Materials science and engineering of metallic materials: structure of metallic materials, properties, processing, advanced metallic materials, »HI-tech« metallurgy

2) Atomic structure and bonding: Fundamentals of Electron theory of metals, Bonding Forces and Energies of metallic materials

3) Crystal structure: Fundamental Concepts of Crystallography, Unit cells, Metallic Crystal Structures, Amorphous materials, Crystalline and Non-crystalline Materials, Single crystals, Polycrystalline Materials

4) Imperfection in Crystals: Point defects, Linear and defects, dislocations and stacking faults in crystals Vacancies, Interstitials and substitutions; Impurities in solids; surface relaxation and reconstruction of metallic materials

5) Diffusion processes in metals and alloys

6) Mechanical properties of metallic materials: Elastic deformation, Plastic Deformation, Inelasticity, Elastic Properties of Materials, Tensile Properties, Elastic Recovery During Plastic Deformation, Hardness, fracture, fatigue, creep

7) Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms; Mechanisms of Strengthening in Metals; Recovery, Recrystallization and Grain Growth in metallic materials

8) Phase diagrams in metallurgy: Constitution of equilibrium metallic phase diagrams, binary, ternary and multi component systems, the Gibbs Phase Rule, Phases, solubility in crystal cells of metals (substitutions, interstitials) Implementation of basic systems Fe-Fe3C diagram Al -X, Mg-X, Cu-X etc for better understanding of production processes in Slovenian industry.

9) Phase Transformations in Metals the Kinetics of Solid-State Reactions (nucleation, growth); multiphase transformations,and physico chemical changes of Properties in metals and alloys, Isothermal and polythermal Transformation Diagrams (TTT diagrams)

10) Thermal Processing of Metal Alloys

11) Electrical Properties of Metals

12) Microstructure of metallic materials Basic
aspects, soldification microstructure soldification processes, microstructure elements (phases, grain boundaries) metallurgical termodynamics and phase diagrams

13) Development of microstructure of metallic materials basic aspects, microstrucural changes stimulated by interfacial-energy reduction, Deformation, Multiphase microstructures generated by migrating lattice deffects, Microstructure due to lattice defects formed, by migrating grain boundaries

14) Nanostructured metallic materials

15) Deagradation of metallic materials, high temperature oxidation, corrosion

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• seminar and oral exam

Students obligations:

• seminar and oral exam