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Course Description

Processing and Nanomagnetism


Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Spomenka Kobe
prof. dr. Jean-Marie Dubois
prof. dr. Kristina Žužek Rožman


The students learn the chemical (ELD, EPD) and physical methods (melt-spinning, high energy milling, pulsed laser deposition) for processing of magnetic thin films, nanoparticles and nanocrystalline powders with the emphasis on the medical and nano-devices application.


Nanomagnetism has a special role to play as magnetic properties depend uniquely on both dimensionality and length scales. Nanomagnetism is already central to data storage, sensor and device technologies but is increasingly being used in the life sciences and medicine. The interlayer exchange interactions within magnetic multilayer structures at interfaces, the static, dynamic and thermal properties of magnetic multilayer and nanostructures, exchange anisotropy, giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR), magnetocalloric effect, are issues of high technological importance. Fabrication of nanodevices and nanostructures of various materials is accomplished by pulse laser deposition under well controlled conditions and the magnetic properties are studied by a variety of analytic techniques. The study of chemical methods for preparation of magnetic thin films and nanoparticles will be mainly electrodeposition and electrophoretic deposition.

Course literature:

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Data base from this filed available on the internet.

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Type (examination, oral, coursework, project):
• seminar and oral exam

Students obligations:

• seminar and oral exam