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Course Description

Synthesis of Nanomaterials


Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Barbara Malič
doc. dr. Tadej Rojac
doc. dr. Miha Čekada


The students learn the chemical and physical methods of synthesis of nanopowders, thin films, heterostructures, their limitations and specific features of nano-scale.


General introduction to nanomaterials – specific properties due to the nano-dimensionality, thermodynamic background, survey of physical and chemical methods of synthesis of nanomaterials, top-down and bottom-up approaches, methods of characterization.

Physical methods of film deposition: introduction, materials, substrates, surface energy, nucleation and growth, experimental requirements, equipment. Survey and comparison of different deposition routes.

Chemical methods of film deposition: chemical vapor deposition, chemical solution deposition, reactants, substrates, mechanisms of growth, equipment. Survey and comparison of different deposition routes.

Synthesis of nanoparticles: an overview of specific features of syntheses with respect to the large specific surface of particles, particle size control, monodispers particle, agglomeration control, particle stabilization, special methods: sol-gel, co-precipitation, polymer-assisted methods, mechano-chemical synthesis, ultrasonic activation).

Course literature:

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Significant publications and references:

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Type (examination, oral, coursework, project):
• seminar and oral exam

Students obligations:

• seminar and oral exam