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Course Description

Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering of Metals


Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, third-level study programme


prof. dr. Vojteh Leskovšek
prof. dr. Bojan Podgornik


Postgraduate study of this object will be organised for scientific perfecting from field of technologies of heat treatment and surface engineering of metallic materials, modelling of processes and production management. Gained knowledge will allowed using of scientific methods for solving of complex scientifically-research tasks, of guidance of developmental and of research programmes, as also for development and use of new technology with goal of revitalisation and modernizations of production.

To educate students for understanding and planning and conducting of processes of heat treatment at which metallic parts intentionally emphasise temperature-time cycle, that we achieve desired microstructure and mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics wanted with this.

To educate students for understanding and planning and implementing of processes of surface engineering that based upon on new findings in frame of solid-state physics and of thermodynamics of processes, on development of sensors and on development and uses of mathematical models and software for direction of processes.

Namely, extensive number of existent procedures of heat treatment, modifications and coverings of surfaces, which them serve with goal to increase resistance against wear out and fatigue strength of machine elements and of tools, all are asserting oneself more in industrial practice, and new procedures also occur. Each of procedures is specific so from point of view of similarity of mechanisms and of conditions of wear out, as also from point of view of usability of treated materials and of technological specialities of use. That is why correct selection of procedure is connected with complete analysis of all influential factors always.

Doctor of this direction is trained for work: in research laboratories for materials, on institutes and centres for development of products and technology in industry, as lecturer on faculties and secondary schools, in production, in departments for characterization of materials in control of quality in industry, as businessman in establishing and direction of company based on knowledge.


1 Phases and Structures
Perlite, Ferite, and Cementite
Martesite and Bainite

2 Transformation on heating
3 Transformation γ → α
4 Heat Treatments to Produce Ferrite Pearlite
5 Hardness and Hardenability
6 Austenite in Steels
7 Tempering of Steels

8 Special Heat Treatments
Stainless Steels
Tool and HSS Steels
Cast Irons
Heat Treatment of non ferrous alloys Al, Cu, Mg, Ni and Ti

9 Modification of surfaces9
Mechanical Modification
Surface Hardening
Thermo-chemical modification

10 Surface deposition processes:
Heat deposition
Mechanical deposition
Thermo-mechanical Deposition
Chemical Deposition
Electrochemical Deposition
Vapour Deposition

11 Boundary Processes:
Ion Implantation
Anodic Oxidation
Thermo-chemical diffusion Deposition

12 Selected Chapters of Tribology

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• seminar and oral exam

Students obligations:

• seminar and oral exam