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Course Description

Fundamentals of Materials Chemistry


Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, second-level study programme


doc. dr. Matjaž Spreitzer
doc. dr. Boštjan Jančar


The objective is that upon successful complition of the course students from different undergraduate programs understand basics of crystal structures, defects in crystals, solid- state thermodynamics, diffusion in solids and microstructure development in materials. The acquired knowledge should enable understanding of similarities and differences between individual groups of functional materials.


1. Introduction to chemical bonding:
-electronic orbitals,
-valence bond theory,
-molecular orbital theory,
-electronic structure of crystals,
-crystal field theory.

2. Introduction to crystal structures
-symmetry elements,
-point and space groups,
-fundamentals of X-ray and electron diffraction,
-single crystal and powder diffraction techniques,
-crystal structure refinement.

3. Defects in crystals:
-thermodynamics of point defects,
- Kroeger-Vink notation of point defects,
-quasi-chemical approach to point-defect equilibrium,
-Brouwer diagrams,
-point-defect interactions,
-determination of point defects,
-line and planar faults.

4. Solid-state chemical kinetics:
-macroscopic description of diffusion
-atomistic description of diffusion
-non-reciprocal diffusion
-types and determination of diffusion coefficients

5. Phase equilibria in solid systems:
-basics of thermodynamic equilibrium,
-binary phase diagrams,
-ternary phase diagrams.

6. Microstructure:
-basics of ceramic materials,
-theory of solid-state sintering,
-development of microstructure,
-advanced methods of densification.

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- oral exam
- seminar presentation

Students obligations:

- oral exam
- seminar presentation