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Call for Enrolment and Application

Enrolment Requirements

Candidates meeting the following requirements are eligible for enrolment in the Doctoral study programme:

  • Candidates who have graduated in natural sciences or technical disciplines (equivalent of 240 ECTS credits)
  • Candidates who have graduated in other disciplines may enrol upon passing an entry level exam, the content of which shall be defined by the Study Commission upon the assessment of the relevance of candidate's achievements for the postgraduate studies concerned
  • Candidates with an average grade in undergraduate studies of at least 8 (on 1 to 10 scale) or 2 years of work experience in the field of natural sciences or technology
  • Candidates should be proficient in both spoken and written English.

Candidates with a completed Master degree and other candidates meeting the requirements for the direct transfer to uniform doctoral studies may also enrol. In this case the Study Commission shall examine the candidate's qualifications, depending on the proposed programme, and may prescribe additional requirements. 

Anticipated number of available places for each year of studies (including candidates enroled in the Master degree study programme):

  • Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: 15
  • New Media and e-Science: 15
  • Ecotechnology: 15

All three study programmes received accreditation from the Council of the Republic Slovenia for Higher Education.

In the case of limited admission the Study Commission shall prepare the list of accepted candidates on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Achievements in undergraduate studies,
  • Prizes and awards, if any,
  • Employed candidates: work experience and recommendations of employers,
  • Bibliography,
  • Enrolment interview with the candidate.

The list of accepted candidates shall be approved by the IPS Senate by October 15 of the current year.

Enrolment application

Enrolment to the old Doctor of Science study program is no longer possible.

For enrolment application to Doctor of Science study programmes click here .