Erasmus+ mobility in Stockholm, Sweden

Published: 24. jul. 2019

Anja Stajnko, a student of ecotechnologies, spent three months at the Karolinska Institut in Stockholm, Sweden.

Karolinska institute

As part of her doctoral studies, she is studying the influence of genetic predispositions - on the level of the nucleotide sequence and on the level of gene expression - on the metabolism of selected elements (As, Se, Cd, Pb, etc.). As part of mobility, she has expanded her knowledge to a relatively new evolving field of epigenetics. She has gained knowledge of the methodology that is not so well implemented in Slovenia in the field of genetic-environmental interaction studies. Additionally, the student has deepened her knowledge in the field of bioinformatics, which in her studies is indispensable. Thus, mobility at the world-renowned institute has contributed greatly to the quality and development of the student's career and the improvement of the English language.

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