IPS Student Council

The IPS Student Council has been active since the establishment of the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School. Representatives of the Student Council are students from the 2nd and 3rd cycle postgraduate studies. As representatives of students we aim to establish a connection between the management of the school and the students, as well as to resolve problems which may occur during the studies.

Our most important task is to organise the annual Student Conference ( The main purpose of the conference is to spread information about research achievements of the IPS and participating institutes, as well as to establish connections between promising IPS students and employers, especially with successful development-driven companies. The modern labour market calls for highly qualified experts who are not only experts in their particular fields, but also master other skills. We are well aware of that in the Student Council, therefore we plan to organise various workshops where students can acquire information and knowledge from expert fields, such as public speaking or similar, from which they can benefit not only in the scope of the present research work, but also later on, when looking for an employment or already being involved in a new working process.


Dear Students,

Student Council of IPS is warmly welcome you at our school or for those who are here a long time, welcome back. We hope that in these changing times, you are fine and that you keep a safe distance.

We are inviting you to actively take action(s) in the Student Council for representing us, students at IPS.

From each module minimum of 3 students are needed to be in Student Council, where we selected among students present: President, Vice-president, Representative of Quality Committee,  Representative of NANO,  Representative of IKT,  Representative of ECO,  Representative of SEN,  Representative of Study Committee, Deputy representatives and Representative in Management Board.

In November 2020 there will be elections for the representatives of students and in December 2020 is the first session of the newly elected Student Council.

We invite you to actively participate in these elections and to vote for your representatives.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Student Council