IPS Student Council Members

Ecotechnologies study programme:

Rok Novak - President of Student Council, representative of ECO and representative of Habilitation Committee
Dominik Božič - Deputy representative of ECO and representative of Study Committee
Klara Nagode - Deputy representative of Study Committee

Information and Communication Technologies study programme:

Lidija Jovanovska - Representative of ICT
Bojan Evkovski - Deputy representative of ICT and representative of Disciplinary Committee
Zvezdan Lončarević

Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies study programme:
Patricia Jovičević Klug - Representative of NANO, representative of Quality Committee and deputy representative of Management Board
Ana Kraš - Deputy representative of NANO and deputy representative of Disciplinary Committee

Matjaž Dlouhy - Representative of Management Board and deputy representative of Quality Committee

Sensor Technologies study programme:

Mark Zver - Representative of ST and deputy representative of Habilitation Committee 
Olivera Maksimović Carualho Ferreira - Deputy representative of ST
Zala Kogej

Messages for the Student council can be anonymously submited at this link.

Student Organizing Committee

Klara Nagode— President
Mark Zver — Vice President
Lidija Jovanovska — Vice President

Students, welcome to participate and join us!