Erasmus traineeship: Sciex UK

Published: 29. nov. 2023

My PhD mostly revolves around the analysis of Bleomycin, a widely utilized cytostatic agent. From an analytical perspective, this compound poses considerable challenges. One of the critical issues that we have been dealing with is reaching very low limits of detection to be able to quantify even the trace amounts within the samples. To address this challenge, extensive efforts have been dedicated to optimizing both sample preparation techniques and instrumental method parameters. However, these optimizations have inherent limitations.

To tackle this issue, we collaborated with AB Sciex's Innovations team. They allowed us to test their new QTrap 7500 mass spectrometer, which is significantly more sensitive than our current equipment, the QTrap 4500. Seizing this opportunity, I travelled to their facilities in the UK as part of my Erasmus traineeship. During this period, I had the privilege of working closely with the Sciex scientists and gained hands-on experience with their latest analytical hardware and software.

Helena Plešnik, Ecotechnologies



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