Digital Transformation of Industrial and Business Processes


ECTS Credits

  • prof. dr. Đani Juričić
  • None


The subject covered by digital transformation is broad one. The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to various areas required for proper understanding of digital transformation of industries. Additionally, this course provides in-depth presentation of segments of digital transformation that include: - in-depth presentation of e-maintenance strategies - smart grids and renewable energy production and storage - digital manufacturing General competences: - understanding of the changes brought by the digital transformation of industries - knowledge of data processing tools and mechanisms for handling of vast amount of industrial data streams - knowledge of the disruptive production and maintenance practices required in the age of Industry 4.0 - knowledge of latest trends in smart energy production distribution and consumption enabled by the digital transformation process


Digital technology as an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption: - Digital business models - Digital operational models - Digital customer experience - Digital talent and skills - Digital performance metrics Introduction to E-maintenance: - Maintenance models - Requirements for implementing predictive maintenance - Active standards defining digital maintenance processes - Asset cycle management Basics of machine-to-machine communication –iIoT (industrial internet of things) Introduction of data streams processing: - Time-series database (TSDB) - In-memory column-wise storage - Statistical detection of abrupt changes - Non-stationary data streams Transformation of energy and mobility: - Smart grids - Renewable energy sources - Supply chains - Digital manufacturing, retail, service and maintenance


Student must complete first-cycle study programmes in natural sciences, technical disciplines or computer science.


Literature and references